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How to Fix Background Paper Sag

If you have mounted those 107-inch Backdrop seamless paper, you will have noticed that they sag over time. This is because the backdrop paper is supported on the 2 ends and the cardboard core cannot support the weight of the paper. This sagging could happen over several weeks or months.

The problem with the paper sagging is that the paper will wrinkle in the middle. And that wrinkle may appear in your image. If you are shooting video, you will know that cleaning up in post-production is very time-consuming and expensive. Paper sagging will also make the paper rolling up and down more difficult.

One way to prevent paper sag is to remove the backdrop after every shoot and store them vertically instead of horizontally. But this solution is too troublesome.

There are ready-made metal poles in the market, that can go inside the paper core. They basically provide rigidity to the paper roll, so it won’t bend. But they are very expensive and the reviews are rather questionable.

The best solution is a 50mm diameter aluminum tubing, with a thickness of 2mm. They are readily available in the market. I got them for around $25 dollars each.

The aluminum tubing slides easily into the cardboard core, leaving a gap of around 2mm. To close up the gap, I stick some 3M Velcro tape on each end of the tubing. This will provide the tight fit that it needs.

Add some 3M velcro tape to the 2 ends of the aluminum pole

To complete the task, I re-insert the paper rollers on both ends. For more studio filming tips, do visit our website or contact us for a studio visit.

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