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Remote Video Filming in Singapore

Covid-19 has made attending film shoots more challenging. Traveling overseas for a shoot is very near impossible with quarantines and limited flights available.

So remote video production has grown in demand exponentially. It provides our overseas clients with a unique service where they can virtually participate in the filming here in Singapore. They see what the camera sees, wherever they are in the world. This service can be used globally for all forms of film production, including TV broadcast, corporate interview, digital content creation, and online conference.

Video interviewee in our filmset receiving directions from an overseas client

Our remote filming setup is not a mobile video phone call from our producer to the client. The video and audio quality from a mobile device just don’t cut it. We provide a professional multi-camera setup connected to a live stream. We meet our clients using familiar online meeting platforms like Zoom, Cisco Webex, or Microsoft Teams. The transmission is live, secure, and reliable.

Providing the best remote filming experience requires a combination of experienced crew, with the right location and gear.

1. Good filming studio and off-site filming locations

Our filming studio has a full-length green screen for chroma key production. It can easily accommodate 3 hosts or interviewees comfortably. There is sufficient room for a 3 camera setup and our live stream assets. There are also 8 different color backdrops to choose from if green screen work is not necessary. Some of our clients prefer the filming to be done in their facility in Singapore. They can be done with our mobile Livestream setup.

2. Broadcast quality video, and audio equipment

We use the latest 4K cinema cameras like the Canon C70 and C200 in our shoots. These cameras produce broadcast-quality video and resolution. Our audio equipment is the trusty Sennheiser G4 wireless audio kit with Countryman B3 mics. These are industry standards for professional audio acquisition.

Vision switchers allow our clients to view from multiple angles.

3. Backend Live-streaming Support

Typically, we have 3 or more cameras plugged into our multi-camera switcher for a live stream to our remote clients. The wide-angle (cam 1) and close-up camera (cam 2) will be the cameras filming the subject. The third camera (cam 3) is a live view for the entire film set. This allows our clients to watch the video recording and participate in the film set as well. The recorded audio is also plugged into the switcher so our clients can hear the actual sound recording. For easy remote filming projects, we use the Blackmagic Atem Mini which allows for 4 video channel inputs. For more complex live-streaming projects, we use the vMix live video production software solution.

4. Audio and video feedback

For 2 way communication between the client and us, we have wireless headsets for our crew, and the talent as well. The talent can also see the remote client with the computer monitors displaying the zoom session.

A minimum of 5Mbps is needed for a livestream

5. High-speed internet

Internet LAN cable provides the best and fastest connection speed. For off-site filming, we use a dual 4G SIM card router to get a stable connection. Our clients have never experienced a poor internet connection from our end.

6. Getting the delivery formats right

Delivering a consistent video format can be difficult with so many confusing video standards worldwide. Video formats can be PAL or NTSC. There are multiple frame rates like 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, or 30P. Delivery formats can be in H.264, mp4, MOV, and Pro-res 4:2:2, just to name a few. Whatever you need, we can provide the best quality format for you.

Professional cameras like the Canon C70 can shoot video formats for all regions.

7. An Experienced Award Winning Team

Lastly, Alta Productions has more than 20 years of experience working with both local and international broadcasters and corporate clients. Our team has won numerous local and international film awards over the years. We have also been awarded by several Singapore listings for “Best Production House” and “Best Filming Studio”. Find out more about our studio rental and our filming rates here.

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