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Livestream Enters Mainstream- LIVE IS NOW LIFE

Keith used to knock on churches’ doors and cold call event companies to promote his live streaming services, only to be turned away. That was before the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the reasons are coherent. Live streaming tends to yield low participation rates as it requires discipline from your audience to tune in in the midst of any distractions that could undermine their attendance. More distinctly, why do LIVE STREAM when you can meet physically.

Today, the paradox has sufficed. The unfortunate Covid-19 outbreak has witnessed the cease of social, religious and even business gatherings. Many countries have issued travel restrictions or declared lockdowns in attempts to contain the spread of the virus. As of today, global airlines have completely stopped flying. But life has to go on, as much as possible.

Covid-19 pushes livestreaming into the mainstream.

Keith’s phone rings relentlessly now, flooding with enquiries about his live streaming services. Religious gatherings, events, business meetings and seminars have all adapted to live streaming and we start to understand the benefits of this technology, much like we do about hand sanitizers. Live streaming allows your audience to tune in to your content from wherever they are in the comfort, privacy and safety of their own premise. What about the advantages for you as a host, event organizer, brand marketer, conference organizer or religious representative?

1. Cost and Time Saving

Ever heard of planning for an event for months? From venue space to logistical planning, such as crowd traffic, safety measures and even manpower, live streaming eliminates the requirements of all these simply by getting your audience to where you want or need them to be, virtually of course.

Livestream your videos to reach a worldwide audience.

2. Reach a Larger Audience

With just a link away, your content broadcast can reach international audiences as long as they have access to the internet. Your brand, your contents, your businesses are able to further reach your targeted audience, and even untapped markets.

3. Achieve Higher Views

Unlike a physical event, live streaming allows your content to be watched by audiences who might not be present during the live broadcast. This allows audiences to log in at their own time and not miss any part of the programme. This functionality also allows your audience to repeat the content or rewind what they might have missed, all while sipping their cups of coffee. This is of course possible too in a physical event, if you hire a videographer, but then that comes with potential technical issues on quality and sound.

Data gathering and audience engagement makes live streaming interactive.

4. Data Collection and Analytics

With the ability to gather, analyze and study data, we now have the power to construct and determine behavioral patterns of our audience, the why of their drop off timing, and improve the way we host our events or seminars in the next go. In short, we now have the ability to craft the ideal marketing strategies for our businesses because of live streaming.

Catering to the current growing demand of live streaming, Alta Production offers live webcasting services that stream your video content via Facebook, YouYube or to a secured online connection. Whether your content requires a single camera or multi-camera set up, Alta can live stream via a password-protected network or worldwide viewable platform. Green screen (chroma-key) is also available in our studio should your production require additional graphical effects like company logo, subtitling, or presentation slides during the live webcast. In order to allow live streaming to be more interactive, our software can be customized to allow for comments and engagements from your audience.

Well, live streaming will never be the same as physical interactions, and its role is never intended to substitute physical interactions. It is only during this pandemic outbreak that makes live streaming the plausible option over the two. Due to the outbreak, we are seeing the advantages of live streaming like we never imagined before. Once this virus vanishes, and things are expected to resume to normal, events are expected to continue to take place physically, meetings are expected to be set up in conference rooms and lessons are expected to be conducted back in classrooms. But certainly, some of these activities will choose to remain virtual as we would have learnt about the convenience of live streaming and that its results far exceed the yields of a physical one.

If you need us to live streaming your event, do contact Alta Productions at +65 9230 4983 or

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