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Videos are "Must Haves" for Digital Marketing

Small and big businesses alike, your company already have a website and a Facebook page. You are looking at creating good, engaging content. You are thinking of creating compelling videos for your company. But you are also wondering if that is a good idea for your digital marketing efforts. The quick answer is yes, and here are some reasons why.

Digital marketing needs videos

Company websites that have videos generally do better than those without video content. The same goes for your Facebook page. Videos have emerged as a major component in your digital outreach. Videos are a powerful tool to convey your message, build your brand and to connect with your audience.

A video is worth even more words

A video says 30,000 words per second

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Since a video is made with 30 images per second, so theoretically, a video speaks 30,000 words per second. A 2-minute corporate video is worth 3.6 million words. Your audience will prefer to watch a video compared to reading scores of pages.

Have you noticed that boring instructional manuals have been missing your new electronics? They have been replaced by a QR code directing you to the manufacturer’s Youtube channel. Users would rather scroll over an instructional video instead of reading paper manuals.

Consumers prefer videos over text

Here are some fun facts about Youtube. With a user base of more than a billion users, it serves millions of hours of video content every single day.

A recent survey shows that nearly 60 % of marketing executives would rather watch a video than read a book.

Videos provide the human touch

With increased competition from multiple platforms vying for our attention, companies have a harder time engaging their target audience. Videos can provide companies with a human touch. Your consumers need to understand that your company isn’t just a building made of mortar and bricks. Your company has a soul, run by real people, who understand the customers' needs.

Video productions are affordable

Long before, only larger companies with deep pockets will engage with video production houses to make videos. Now, digital technology has made video productions much more affordable. More importantly, the cost is justifiable because, with the arrival of YouTube and Vimeo, videos have new platforms to reach your audience easily.

Videos provide online authority and ranking

Search engines like Google rank a company’s website based on its online presence. Thus, embedding videos on your website helps your audience stay longer and engaged. Share your videos in your social media will help your SEO ranking and online presence substantially. Marketing videos helps to establish your brand as the authority in your market space and industry. Make your videos educational and shareable. Blog about your videos and publish them on your Facebook and Youtube Channel. Do this consistently and your SEO ranking will grow naturally.

Google loves videos, so you should too

Make any keyword searches on Google and you will see relevant videos appearing on top of your search. This is because online users love video content and Google is simply answering to what consumers desire. In 2017, videos already make up 74 percent of all internet traffic, and it is forecast to grow to 80 percent of all traffic by 2019.

So it's time to create videos and share them on your Facebook and Youtube channel. Let us know your video production needs and we will help you create engaging videos that produce results

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